[CQ-Contest] A3S or TH3JR or....a QUAD!

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There are a lot of big Quads in Finland. OH6OS has STACKED Quads: http://lipas.uwasa.fi/~h78848/9.3.02%20oh6os.htm
My current Quad has been up at 55 feet since April 2000....in Minnesota.....and has hasn't required any maintenance.
73 Steve K0SR

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>a quad in Finland? Not unless you make the spreaders out of pole vaulting 
>poles ! I had a 2 el quad which I turned with an AR-22 rotor for 3 years 
>when I lived in burlingame Calif. Moved to Dale City Virginia. I had to 
>make 4 repairs. between march and November. Working on a quad in freezing 
>weather is not fun even though I had a rohn 25 G 60 foot foldover tower. 
>the first snowstorm of the season finished it off. I loved the quad, it 
>performed well, I also believed that it opened the bands a few minutes 
>earlier than the yagi's I used to compare it to when at K4CG. We had a 2 EL 
>cubex quad for some MARS work at K4CG and while the quad worked well, we 
>lost it too after about 2 years. It was hard to work on that one as our 
>crankup tower was stuck in the UP position. Quad maintenance is a nightmare.
>The quad should do well from the caribbean on dxpedition which is where this 
>post originated. I would think one of the spyder beam antennas would also do 
>well but I doubt either will make it thru a winter in Finland.
>press on regardless
>Chet N4FX
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>> OK!
>> Please let me know the right measures for a 2 el three band 10-15-20
>> quad.
>> 73,
>> Jukka OH6LI
>>> Van K7VS
>> ...
>>>I have been using a quad since 1967. And never looked back! The first
>> one
>>>was a two element quad made by Gotham (Anyone remember that company?)
>> And >a snowstorm took that one down the weekend of the ARRL DX cw
>> contest in >1968.
>>>Since then, have used a Gem Quad with great sucess in the contests over
>> the
>>>years. Only need FR/G to be on "top of the honor roll." Have a
>> three
>>>element in the air now and have a four element Gem quad in the rafters
>> in
>>>our garage. Only thing I have every done is use coax matching xfmrs on
>> the
>>>the three driven elements with a remote heathkit antenna swtich. 73 es
>> gud
>>>dx. Van, K7VS in Medford, Oregon
>> ...
>>>> I helped K0XN construct a
>>>> two element Quad and then we spent a lot of time tuning it. When ARRL
>>>> version was first published, I found to my surprise that their
>> computer
>>>> generated dimensions were within 1% of the dimensions that we had
>> dervied
>>>> experimentally. I'm currently using the same antenna at 55 feet and
>> have
>>>> been very happy with it's performance. One note of caution
>> here....the
>>>> published dimensions are for bare wire. If you use insulated wire (to
>>>> protect against polutants, salt, etc.) be aware that insulated wire
>> has a
>>>> slower velocity factor than bare wire. The effect is on the order of
>> 2%.
>>>> 73 Steve K0SR
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