[CQ-Contest] Get me the bandplan cops - RTTY on the low end of 40!

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 11 09:57:51 EST 2007

QRZ Region 1 bandplan cops!

Chime in and tell the RTTY contesters to keep digital modes above 7035 where
they belong.  Tell them how their violating the bandplan has ruined the entire
weekend for CW operators worldwide and how it's selfish they dare do something
like that.  I sat down last night to operate a little CW and was shocked --
horrifed -- to hear that the entire band was in use.  Where'm I gonna do my lil
'ol North American CW Sprint in all that QRM?  I could feel tears welling up. 

Come on - I'm waiting.  You're falling down on the job if you won't tolerate CQ
WW SSB to operate on the low end of 40 but it's OK for RTTY to be all the way
down to 7014 like I heard last night.  Tell 'em.  Tell 'em it's bad for ham
radio to have the whole damn band in use.  What were they thinking ??!??!  

On the other hand as soon as the CW Sprint started, the RTTY guys seemed to
magically vanish from below 7030.  See, we can share!


Scott W4PA

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