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Daniel Jeswald w4nti at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 19 19:25:01 EST 2007

Agree,  packet is good and bad.  But the operators are the ones that need
to figure it out.


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> Hey David and all, company policy here at this station is if I don't hear
> ID by their third contact, then ? is sent, then longer ur call, then what
> your call, etc for each next contact that no ID is provided. The rule is
> waste my time and I'll waste yours... doesn't take long for them to get
> idea.. Everyone listening would do that it would cut short that problem in
> no time. Biggest offenders seem to come from South America, I don't know
> but that's what I have observed from here! 73's Cort K4WI
> I normally don't have anything against packet/cluster spots in a
> contest.  If the rules allow it who am I to complain, but I discovered a
> new reason to dislike it during this contest.  I operated this one
> unassisted and several times came across stations who wouldn't identify
> for very long stretches.  I have always thought that is rude behavior (I
> lose opportunities for other contacts while I wait to avoid a dupe), but
> in all honesty the DX didn't really need to ID.  In virtually each case,
> a steady string of new callers would show up on frequency that hadn't
> been there since the last time the DX identified.  It's pretty easy for
> someone to see the spot, come up on frequency, and figure out which
> signal is the DX without ever hearing him ID.  There's rarely a lull
> that requires the DX to identify, and rude behavior gets reinforced.
> Dave  AB7E
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