[CQ-Contest] Maximum Time Limit for S/O

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Mon Feb 19 19:40:08 EST 2007

Jim, N3BB, wrote:

> If you are concerned that records will no longer be meaningful, who now
> cares that the ARRL DX contest used to be *two* weekends on both modes.

An algorithm could be used to provide an "adjustment" factor that would analyze past hourly cumulative scores and bump up a new 36 hour SO score to approximately what it *should* be at 48 hours (to appease Record-Breaking Seekers).   I actually started working on such a beast in the hotel room in St. Croix after 40 hours in 2004 ARRL CW DX Contest left me feeling like I had been the Demonstration Test Subject at an annual (that's a-n-n-u-a-l) Proctologist's Convention ;-(

> It's time for the League to do the right thing; place a reasonable maximum
> time limit on this contest for single operators.

Yes, please, and before most of us are no longer on the planet.

Tnx & 73...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust

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