[CQ-Contest] Serial numbers vs. power

Jukka Klemola jukka.klemola at elisanet.fi
Tue Feb 20 00:04:36 EST 2007

I believe the contest exchange is a simple thing for us, the Good Old
Boys of the Contest Reflector:
1. Log what you hear.
2. In case you did not hear properly, humbly beg for a repeat.

Then - if you feel the other end is communicado - try to pass a message
through saying her/his sent exchange could possibly be compromised.

Some people at the other end are not really capable of communicating
this kind of meaningful messages.

Then, after the conditional action has been finalised, keep on doing
good work and keep the known exchange in the log.
No matter how much sense that makes. That was the contest exchange.

Regrding the not-in-this-way-Old guys:

I know a few people who want to log a few DX in this kind of events on
They do not speak English, and are usually 100% CW ops for the time they
operate overseas.

They think operating is so wonderful they join the bands for a few
overseas QSOs a year if they hear many DX stations calling.

I really like they think it is Fun to operate.

Then, there can be people who enjoy some other contest than most of the
others enjoy that same weekend.
Please notice, also they are there for the Fun of it.

My Fun differs a little bit from the casual operators.
Like 20 or so dB on the number of QSOs logged.
Much over 30dB on the number of CQs called.
Nah. It is not much.
Even 30dB is less than the difference between W1MK and N6RO signals on

Jukka OH6Li

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Aihe: Re: [CQ-Contest] Serial numbers vs. power

Good question.  I worked a lot of different exchanges this weekend--ATT,
K, KW, T5T, TNN, TT5.  Are we supposed to put in what we get, or what it
supposed to be?  I guess TNN is shorter than 1TT or 100.  Will the log 
checkers ding us if we put in 100 instead of 1TT or ATT?  73

> Sooo, do I correct the first QSO, hoping the log-checking >software 
> doesn't ding me for it (it does check exchanges, doesn't >it?)
> 73,
> Barry
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> Barry Kutner, W2UP
> Newtown, PA
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