[CQ-Contest] Serial numbers vs. power

W8FJ at aol.com W8FJ at aol.com
Mon Feb 19 15:05:49 EST 2007

I had exactly the same question several times during the contest.  I  must 
have made at least half a doz QSOs that seemed to be numbers rather than  
powers.  I would hope that this "mistake" happens often enough that the  powers that 
be would recognize it and NOT disqualify QSOs, especially if there's  a 
penalty attached.  I am not "correcting" anything.  Hopefully, I  won't be 
penalized.  After all, I'm submitting what I copied.
During the contest, especially at the beginning, some guys were sending  
serial number (or zone.)  By the end of the contest, they corrected  
their ways.

For example, I worked a guy at 0200Z Sat who gave me  599067.  When I 
worked him on another band Sunday evening, it was  599500.

Sooo, do I correct the first QSO, hoping the log-checking  software 
doesn't ding me for it (it does check exchanges, doesn't  it?)



Barry Kutner, W2UP     
Newtown,  PA                      

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