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>>This has as much to do with solar conditions as anything.
>Sorry, but this has as much to do with everyday life as anything. Even
>in a 24-h-format as in RDXC only 6 percent of the logsending
>participants operated fulltime (23 hours or more). Average operation
>time was less than 10 hours.

6 percent of all logs. Does that include single band entries who obviously 
cannot do 24 hours?  You can't operate on 160 for 24 hours.  Same with 10 
right now.  I guess theoretically you could, but you're better served 
catching 4 hours of sleep during "dead time".

What percentage of all band entries were 24 hours?

In any event, there is NO reason why any serious entrant in an all band 
category COULD NOT go a full 24 hours.  48 hours is a real challenge.  24 
hours should not be.

73 Rich NN3W

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