[CQ-Contest] [NCCC] Annual Suggestion

w4ZW w4zw at comcast.net
Tue Feb 20 09:57:26 EST 2007

> So, as a reasonable compromise let´s at least publish the 
> operation times in the score lists - allowing a comparison of 
> the outcome for the big majority of hams not able and willing 
> to neglect familiy and other commitments completely (which is 
> no sign of lesser commitment or skill).
> At the moment the ranking below the few happy fulltimers is 
> more a function of invested operation time than a function of 
> skill and equipment. Should the "real contesting" only be 
> something for the happy few with the rest resorted to 
> "handing out a few qso in the little available time" to add a 
> tiny bit to club scores and to the rate of the big ones?

Chris makes a very good point.  It seems that in our ham lives, when we were
younger with work, families, and kids, we had to ration the time we could
dedicate to contests. We dream of that day when we have both the time and
money to really contest.   And then after the kids are gone, and we've
retired, we have grandkids, and other hobbies to fill our time and that 48
hour stretch we yearned for when younger becomes a less attractive goal.  I
did triathlons for years and enjoyed a few marathons while younger, but now
the very idea of one makes my knee (the bad one) shudder with fear.  I have
to face the fact that at 60+ I no longer have the physical endurance of my

I have two kids still at home, one will be off to college in the Fall and
the other has two more years of high school.  I've dreamed for a long time
of that day when I have no basketball/ volleyball/ debutante/ concert to
attend and can really dedicate the time to contests.  But I find now that
the golf course sirens call to me as does my racing catamaran, and the ski
slopes in Colorado and contesting seems to have become just another of those
many things I enjoy but not to excess.

I enjoy getting in my 2-20 hours and measure myself by how much fun I'm
having rather than by any effort to get more stuff for my wall.  I think
there are thousands of guys like me who just enjoy getting a good taste of a
contest just for fun. I think the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix
it"  probably applies here.

I applaud those with the drive and competitive appetite to go 48 hours, but
let's leave the fun in contesting.  As for certificates, what's wrong with
10% or 50% getting some kind of certificate if they want.  Sorta like
collecting QSL cards, some do and some don't.

My 2 cents.

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