[CQ-Contest] Changing categories

g.m.mcadams at comcast.net g.m.mcadams at comcast.net
Tue Feb 20 09:45:44 EST 2007


Speaking as a casual contestor who has only been in the running, never at the top, your idea is not practical.

Or are you saying that only participants who "expect to win" should register?

Either way is not practical or workable or desirable. You would drive out the casual 'testers like me who participate for our own reasons, not necessarily to win the big one, but maybe to exceed our own previous score, or build up the DXCC totals, etc.. 

You dedicated fellows need our participation, otherwise it would be a mighty short contest!

Please, let's not make it too complicated, OK?

73 Gary WG7X

> Just as NAQP & Sprint teams must "Register" before the event, any SO, M/S, M/2, 
> or M/M entry seeking to submit a post-event log in hopes of winning something 
> needs to "Register" their category status with the Sponsor up to a One Hour 
> cutoff before the checkered flag starts. If logs can be submitted 
> electronically, so can registration be done. 
> 73... 
> Rick, K6VVA 

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