[CQ-Contest] Life in the World of Packet

Fazekas, Julius J. jjfiii at ornl.gov
Tue Feb 20 09:25:51 EST 2007

Some things I thought were more noticeable maybe more on the low bands:

Some one would show up on a new multiplier and tune for a few minutes...
Some would even start CQing on top of the existing station once they
finished tuning...

Others would come, tune, then send their call six or more times, then
stop, maybe send a ?, then send their call, often when the station they
were calling was trying to make a QSO with them. Several insisted on
doing this even tho' the station on freq was clearly IDing and sending
"UP". Of course, this is "normal" operating practice during
DXpeditions... Listening is becoming obsolete it seems.

I concur with other comments on folks who don't ID, and they did seem to
be predominately from SA. Lots of frustration with that when you hear 10
or so different stations sending ??? and folks asking for the call
during a QSO.

There seemed to be a few folks who had issues with their keying
settings... We need a Q code to let 'em know maybe QSKB or the like.
That's something that the op may not be aware of unless they are told.

Maybe I was just too tired heading into the weekend, but it seemed to me
there was more PPOP than in the 2006 CQ WW DX CW (and 2006 ARRL DX).

A suggestion to the QRP operators, don't send /QRP. It complicates what
may be a tough QSO to begin with (particularly on 80 and 160). I'm
always impressed when I get 599 TT5 or lower on 80 or 160. I know how
hard it can be with 100 watts...

Of course, there were many outstanding players. The JA's on 80M are to
be complimented. I don't have the most powerful signal on the band and
all that I called tried very hard to make a go of it. There were a lot
of friendly exchanges, outside of the general contest info. 

OK, I'm done whining now...

Thanks to the vast majority for all the fine QSOs, new countries and new
zones. CU in WPX CW (or sooner).





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