[CQ-Contest] Maximum Time Limit for S/O

Jamie Dupree NS3T ns3t at arrl.net
Tue Feb 20 11:06:19 EST 2007

Leave the 48 hours in place.  Some contests have 48, some have less.
The DX contests are the ultimate challenge and should have the roughest time limit.

BUT If you want to develop a handicap system like in golf or bowling, go for it.
Until then though, we are playing in a scratch league.  Some weekends there
are 27 holes, others there are 72.  Some days you bowl 3 games, other
times you bowl 12.  If you like 24 hours, there's the IARU.  If you like
something in between there is WPX.  If you want something different,
find a weekend and create a new contest with some new time limits.
We've seen how popular the sprints and NAQP's have become.

Personally, I think the 48 hour time limit really separates the winners from
the pretenders.  If you really want to win a DX contest, you'll find a way to clear out your
weekend.  And if you really want to win, you will grind your way through the
slow times to victory.  You have to WANT it.

Life is not all about huge runs all day and all night long.  I love making birdies
when I play golf, but sometimes the thrill is gritting your teeth and making 
tough pars as well...just like it's a thrill to find that extra mult because you
decided to stay up all night....while the other guy turned off the rig because
his rate was getting low.

73 NS3T

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