[CQ-Contest] Tigers roar....and get sleepy, too.

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 11:46:22 EST 2007

First --

>I seem to remember lots of guys breaking the 40 hour barrier, even hitting
>45 hours (again, including me).

>I miss the tigers.

>de Doug KR2Q

And then:

>This has as much to do with solar conditions as anything. When the sun  wakes 
>up, there will be plenty to do for 48 hours. That's just not the case  now.
>If we introduced a 36-hour group, a subset of those operators who  continue 
>to "lose" in their newly created category would want to parse it further. It's
>an endless downward spiral.
>73 John, K1AR

One thing K5ZD said to me several years ago that has always stuck in my head to
this very weekend:  To go 48 straight, you have to want it very badly.

I decided around a decade ago I wanted it very badly.  My resolve has not
weakened.  It did weaken a hair this weekend in ARRL DX CW when I started to
feel a little weird around 0500Z Sunday; my depth perception goes away and
that's when I know I'm REALLY TIRED.  I debated in my head whether to take a
break for the next 3 hours; at 0800Z I decided to nap for 90 minutes, knowing
full well if I dropped in the results for taking a nap I was going to hate
myself later.  I hope that won't be the case.  With the 90 minutes of sleep
plus another 15 or 20 to drink coffee and re-orient my fuzzy state towards
coherence, I operated 46 this weekend.  I was determined to do all 48.

At the peak of the cycle, all bets are off.  I'm going all 48, and anyone that
wants to try to win one ought to be doing the same. 

Please don't weaken the contest rules; let's accept that going "all the way" is
an integral part of trying to win.  Please?

Scott W4PA / VY2PA 

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