[CQ-Contest] J7zeroJ Spots

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Feb 21 17:21:54 EST 2007

J7-zero-J got spotted 33 times, probably the most mis-spotted station of the

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> aburkefl at comcast.net writes:
> I was  running a modest inverted vee at about 50 feet for 40 meters and an
> even  more modest G5RV at about 50 feet for 80 meters. Your sigs
> sounded rather  loud on those two bands.
> Sorry I duped you guys a couple of times. On  the one hand, I fell into
> the
> trap of relying on the cluster to ID too  many stations. After the contest
> I discovered I had worked J7OJ on four  bands and J7 - ZERO - J on three
> other bands! I refuse to blame it on the  font - it's blame lies with
> stupidity - and perhaps laziness,  greed......
> A recent thread on the N1MM forum (the same thread has  raged off and on!)
> that it's far more time consuming in a contest like the  ARRL to
> tell a station they're a dupe. It's much faster to just work 'em  and get
> 'em
> out of the way. Now, if it's SweepStakes, that's an entirely  different
> story.
> Hi Art,
> Tnx for the nice comments on our 40 and 80m sigs, and the Qsos, with both
> J7OJ and J7zeroJ, hi.  Those J7zeroJ spots are a real dilemma for us.
> Both
> this year and last year, we had over 500 dupes - 7% - (out of 7k+  qsos)
> largely
> due to the J7zeroJ spots.  (That is a lot of time wasted when  we could
> have
> been making legitimate contacts.)  I don't know what to do  about it
> either,
> other than change our contest callsign.
> Not once did we sign J7zeroJ, so they are no doubt posted by ops who can't
> copy code all that well, or at all, for that matter.  How  much can dah-
> dah-dah
> sound like dah-dah-dah-dah-dah?  Heck, we were  even spotted by one of the
> "big boys" as J7zeroOJ...go figure.
> I am posting this note to the CQ-Contest reflector to spread the word
> about
> the harm of carelessly posting erroneous spots.
> 73, Geo...
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