[CQ-Contest] Time in the Chair - Let's Not Change What's Not Broken...

K1ZM at aol.com K1ZM at aol.com
Wed Feb 21 12:11:14 EST 2007

Reading the mail......
Personally, CQWW and ARRL DX at 48 hours maximum  single-operator time in the 
chair limit are the last remaining  acid-tests of DX contest operating skill 
and stamina that we have  today.
I always aim for a full 48 hours (if needed) but USUALLY take 2-3 hours off  
for a bit of rest if the conditions and rates I am having allow it.  Most  of 
the top-10 ops usually wind up with between 42-46 hours in the chair - and  
some (under a solar maxima) still go the full 48 even today.
Operating is FUN and going the distance makes it like a marathon  race.  
Those who can put it all together for the full contest period are  the ones that 
will get rewarded in the end - and I hope things remain this way  going forward.
We have plenty of contests with shorter Single-Op maximum time limits - WAE  
and WPX come to mind.  CQ160M is another that limits single-ops to less  than 
the full contest period.
ARRL and CQWW are the 'grand-daddy's" of them all and the original formula  
still works.  
Every now and then when I am feeling my age (61) - I'll do a single band so  
as to get some real rest - but I still enjoy an all-out 48 hour operating  
marathon just to see if I can still hang with the younger crowd.
I think N6TJ is nearing 70 now and ZD8Z can still hack 40+ hours in the  
chair if I recall his recent efforts.
CONTESTING IS - it's fun and a challenge to go the limit or at least to try  
to in order to make a top score.
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