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Mike Reagan mreagan at preciscom.net
Wed Feb 21 15:47:20 EST 2007

I have read all the posts about contest duration and I support not changing
the 48 hour events...Before I retired I worked on USGOV disaster teams which
responded to manage world wide natural disaster and civil strife
events...Often the first two or three days of an incident left little time
to sleep while we had to make life saving critical decisions..kind of like a
contest but the stakes were higher..the professionals I worked with found
that rest time and short naps were most effective if they occur during your
personal normal sleep period......applied to contesting this might mean not
trying to go the full 48 hours but rather planning your rest period to be
the most effective in refreshing you so that you can be a better op, make
better decisions,   and perhaps increase your score...of course you might
miss that mult that was on during you nap..I suppose one takes a risk...
Mike Reagan
Price, Utah

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> Reading the mail......
> Personally, CQWW and ARRL DX at 48 hours maximum  single-operator time in
> chair limit are the last remaining  acid-tests of DX contest operating
> and stamina that we have  today.
> I always aim for a full 48 hours (if needed) but USUALLY take 2-3 hours
> for a bit of rest if the conditions and rates I am having allow it.  Most
> the top-10 ops usually wind up with between 42-46 hours in the chair - and
> some (under a solar maxima) still go the full 48 even today.
> Operating is FUN and going the distance makes it like a marathon  race.
> Those who can put it all together for the full contest period are  the
ones that
> will get rewarded in the end - and I hope things remain this way  going
> We have plenty of contests with shorter Single-Op maximum time limits -
> and WPX come to mind.  CQ160M is another that limits single-ops to less
> the full contest period.
> ARRL and CQWW are the 'grand-daddy's" of them all and the original formula
> still works.
> Every now and then when I am feeling my age (61) - I'll do a single band
> as to get some real rest - but I still enjoy an all-out 48 hour operating
> marathon just to see if I can still hang with the younger crowd.
> I think N6TJ is nearing 70 now and ZD8Z can still hack 40+ hours in the
> chair if I recall his recent efforts.
> CONTESTING IS - it's fun and a challenge to go the limit or at least to
> to in order to make a top score.
> 73 JEFF
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