[CQ-Contest] J7zeroJ Spots

W.H. Scholz w1hijcw at aol.com
Wed Feb 21 22:39:59 EST 2007

ok ... I can't resist any m0re ...

Typing d0esn't enter int0 whether y0u dupe some0ne. to quote NQ4I:

"Plain and simple...Copy the Damn call sign...."

And quoting KI7Y:

"but I think the big part of the issue is that
many click on the spot without even copying the callsign before calling.
Also seems that most serious contesters would have  a mental check partial
in place"

Besides, once you spent a few hours listening to the band and/or watching 
the cluster, you should damn well know the callsigns of the "biggies" ... 
Lord knows, I heard J7OJ more often than I wanted when I was trying to S&P.

And one final comment ... if you see a spot, listen to the frequency, and 
don't hear the correct callsign, then DON'T HIT THE SEND KEY.  How hard is 
it to use some common sense?

Back to my h0le

73 de Bill, W1HIJ/6
part of the W6EMC crew

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