[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Igor Booklan ra3auu at srr.ru
Fri Feb 23 18:47:07 EST 2007

sen> Since we are skimming along the top of this subject right now
sen> and we know that "yes, RDXC will be used", then would someone
sen> mind sharing what ALL of the selection criteria will be?  Is it
sen> going to be the same as the WRTC 2006 but with the addition of
sen> RDXC?  We are in 2007 and it is WRTC 2010, so assumably if 2007
sen> RDXC is being used, so are some others in 2007.  Which ones?  And
sen> when will the specific criteria be announced?

sen> Thank you.

sen> Ed  N1UR

Hi Ed and everyone!

My appologies for the delays but it takes time to come up with
selection criteria we are planning to have.

Anyway, I'd like to give you some ideas what it can possibly be.

The contest list.
The contest list will definitely include CQWWSSB, CQWWCW, CQWPSSSB,
also add NA contests for NA and EU contests for EU and some others,
but this is under discussions yet.

Contest ranking.
Contest ranking will depend on number of participants in the contest,
total QSOs made and time format.

Contest scores weight.
The formula for contest scores weight will strongly support Maximum
(All band and All mode) entries. We also plan bigger support for
MS/M2/MM entries.

Team alocations.
There will be team alocatons by Continents and Areas. All continents
will have number of seats. Both US and Europe will be splitted by 3
ares as it was previously done with some changes in splitting Europe.

There are number of other ideas and they all are in process of
discussions. I believe it will take us 3-4 months until we can post
more detailed information.

Now I can just advise you guys to participate in RDXC 2007. You'll
enjoy it very much.

73s, Harry RA3AUU

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