[CQ-Contest] How Many Hours are we Putting in Now?

rt_clay at bellsouth.net rt_clay at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 25 11:29:43 EST 2007

>Would 12 and 24 hour categories increase competitive contesters hours and 
>therefore contest activity overall?  I don't think these number are conclusive 
>to that, yet.  I would like to put the question out the reflector?  Lets hear 
>the comments.
>If you are in these numbers, how many hours did you put in and why didn't you 
>do more?  Would a 12 or 24 hour category change your mind?

I am not in those numbers, but: I currently do not operate CQWW or ARRL DX seriously. 48 hours are basically impossible given family (small children) and work (during academic semesters). I typically put in ~6 hours total, rarely bother to post to 3830, and often don't bother to send in a log.

If a 12 or 24 hour category was established, I would probably enter seriously. More of you dx guys would get the MS mult on all bands in ARRL DX.

The best way I can see to mange those would be to have the log-checking software extract the best 12 or 24 score from any log. To make it easier to process, you could set the limitation that the 12 or 24 hour period chosen had to start evenly on the hour (i.e. at xx:00, where xx is up to the individual).

You can check, I do enter IARU and sometimes WPX seriously.


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