[CQ-Contest] How Many Hours are we Putting in Now?

Art Boyars art.boyars at verizon.net
Sun Feb 25 11:45:37 EST 2007

Nice analysis from Ed, N1UR.  But I am amazed that twelve people are able to make the Top 40 SOAB HP (W/VE??) with less than 25 hours.  Or 26 people in LP.  Would that mean that the competition is thin; i.e., not all that many people really competing all-out?  Looking at it another way, only 28 of the Top 40 HP and 14 (!!) LP put 25 hours or more.

What is the data base?  ARRL DX CW from 2006, or the CY 2007 scores reported so-far on 3830?  The 2007 scores are, of course, incomplete and unofficial.

73, Art K3KU
Who once did 45 hours on 20 CW from W4BVV and still came in second.
(I think that was a second weekend when the test was still two, and we were in a close competition with W3AU or N3RS after the first weekend.)

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