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Jim -

If the 12 and 24 hour meta-categories stimulate interest and activity
then they should be strongly considered, assuming the adjudication and
presentation issues can be addressed.

One of the goals of the plan is to create no incentive for participants
to reduce their amount of operating time.  I would encourage an
additional consideration.  None of these categories should reduce the
amount of time people spend on the low bands.

The 24 hour contiguous time addresses this situation well, assuming the
operator would not have otherwise operated more than 24 hours.  As the
sunspots rise, the non-contiguous 24 hours and the 12 hour categories
may serve to de-emphasize the low bands.  In the 24 hour and,
especially, the 12 hours cases, the ration of Q's to mults will be lower
than the 48 hour case and the incentive to spend significant time on the
low bands to get mults will be reduced.  Perhaps, it could be
counter-argued that the casual operator might barely go to the low bands
at all were it not for the opportunity to compete in the 12 hour
competition.  In either case, I would like us to keep in mind low band
activity as the spots rise in any of these ideas.

24 hour contiguous, sure.  The others, lets be careful.

FWIW - Years ago, a famous US contester, with the skill to back it up,
once told me that, should the 24 hour category emerge, he would attempt
to finish first and second in one 48 hour period.

73, Tom W2SC 

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Why we're all in the formative stages of What Ifing from Randy's
excellent notions, may I add a couple additional ideas?  Thank you.

(1)  Our ARRL National Contest Journal take on the sponsorship of these
Contests Within A Contest.

         Comment:  The NCJ is frequently soliciting input to fill the
Contest results a couple time a year, what's wrong with
                           publishing a few pages of interesting contest
results too??  The NCJ already has national circulation (duh) and
                           perhaps this would add to its international
flavor.  The CQ Contest Magazine that K3EST engineered until its
                           premature demise was excellent, and perhaps
with some infusion of enthusiasm, help, sponsorship, and
                          awards - the NCJ can become more than it is

          Comment:  An NCJ Contest Committee be formed to administer the
Parallel Contests.  (We should have no difficulty
                           attracting  enough 'volunteers' to add this
Prestige to their contesting resume's.)

(2)  Initially, at least, these Parallel Contests be restricted to the
48 hour behemoth's:  CQ WW DX and ARRL DX.  (The other MAJOR - CQ WPX -
already allows one to operate less than 48 hours, and compete).

(3)  The Parallel categories are restricted to Single Operator.  Do we
still have UNASSISTED and ASSISTED classes?  One thought would be to
just have it ASSISTED.  Anyone can use packet, or not, but you're all in
the same category - so do whatever works best for you?

(4)  12-hours or 24-hours????  Maybe both.  If the sponsor can manage 24
hours, probably it can manage 12 hours, too.

(5)  Each competitor submits his entire log for adjudication.  He can be
in the 12 hour category or 24 hour category, but NOT both.  In his
submittal, the competitor identifies the 12 hours (clock hour) OR 24
hours that he is submitting.  Thus he can operate as much of the 48
hours of the contest that he wants, and when it's over he picks his best
12 or 24.  The 12 or 24 do not have to be consecutive.

      COMMENT:  Obviously for this to really work and minimize log
checking grief, there should be a presumption of playing
                             fair and with total integrity.  The log
checkers and committee will more than have their hands full, and will
                             certainly hope for this, and for it having
any chance of working.

(6)  Categories be established similar, but not exactly,  to the
existing ARRL DX and CQ WW DX today.  That is, highs in ARRL by country
for DX and State or Province for W/VE.  For CQ WW, highs for country and
for W/VE call area ( i.e., W1, W2, VE4, etc).

(7) Perhaps the existing ARRL DX and CQ WW DX committees will
participate in this undertaking by merely providing their respective UBN
analyses to the NCJ Committee as an aid its adjudication efforts?
Thanks in advance.

(8) And finally, we set a goal of CQ WW DX this fall to give this a
What do we have to lose??

Vy 73

Jim Neiger   N6TJ

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