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Dennis Younker NE6I ne6i at cox.net
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Excellent!  I was thinking about the contest within a contest concept 
myself. If NCJ isn't interested in taking it on, perhaps one of the large 
contest clubs would be interested.

One thing. Item 5 might need more definition.  An hour might need to be 
defined.  For example, can I pick the sixty individual minutes where I had 
three Q's per minute even though they are not contiguous?  As you can see, I 
could create a 180 Q/hr result even if I never got above 120.

I love the whole idea of a contest within a contest. Where do I sign up to 
sponsor a new plaque?!

--Dennis, NE6I

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> Why we're all in the formative stages of What Ifing from Randy's excellent
> notions, may I add a couple additional ideas?  Thank you.
> (1)  Our ARRL National Contest Journal take on the sponsorship of these
> Contests Within A Contest.
>         Comment:  The NCJ is frequently soliciting input to fill the 
> pages.
> Contest results a couple time a year, what's wrong with
>                           publishing a few pages of interesting contest
> results too??  The NCJ already has national circulation (duh) and
>                           perhaps this would add to its international
> flavor.  The CQ Contest Magazine that K3EST engineered until its
>                           premature demise was excellent, and perhaps with
> some infusion of enthusiasm, help, sponsorship, and
>                          awards - the NCJ can become more than it is 
> today.
>          Comment:  An NCJ Contest Committee be formed to administer the
> Parallel Contests.  (We should have no difficulty
>                           attracting  enough 'volunteers' to add this
> Prestige to their contesting resume's.)
> (2)  Initially, at least, these Parallel Contests be restricted to the 
> four
> 48 hour behemoth's:  CQ WW DX and ARRL DX.  (The other MAJOR - CQ WPX -
> already allows one to operate less than 48 hours, and compete).
> (3)  The Parallel categories are restricted to Single Operator.  Do we 
> still
> have UNASSISTED and ASSISTED classes?  One thought would be to just have 
> it
> ASSISTED.  Anyone can use packet, or not, but you're all in the same
> category - so do whatever works best for you?
> (4)  12-hours or 24-hours????  Maybe both.  If the sponsor can manage 24
> hours, probably it can manage 12 hours, too.
> (5)  Each competitor submits his entire log for adjudication.  He can be 
> in
> the 12 hour category or 24 hour category, but NOT both.  In his submittal,
> the competitor identifies the 12 hours (clock hour) OR 24 hours that he is
> submitting.  Thus he can operate as much of the 48 hours of the contest 
> that
> he wants, and when it's over he picks his best 12 or 24.  The 12 or 24 do
> not have to be consecutive.
>      COMMENT:  Obviously for this to really work and minimize log checking
> grief, there should be a presumption of playing
>                             fair and with total integrity.  The log
> checkers and committee will more than have their hands full, and will
>                             certainly hope for this, and for it having any
> chance of working.
> (6)  Categories be established similar, but not exactly,  to the existing
> ARRL DX and CQ WW DX today.  That is, highs in ARRL by country for DX and
> State or Province for W/VE.  For CQ WW, highs for country and for W/VE 
> call
> area ( i.e., W1, W2, VE4, etc).
> (7) Perhaps the existing ARRL DX and CQ WW DX committees will participate 
> in
> this undertaking by merely providing their respective UBN analyses to the
> NCJ Committee as an aid its adjudication efforts?  Thanks in advance.
> (8) And finally, we set a goal of CQ WW DX this fall to give this a try??
> What do we have to lose??
> Vy 73
> Jim Neiger   N6TJ
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