[CQ-Contest] SSB below 1.843

Paul J. Piercey p.piercey at nl.rogers.com
Mon Feb 26 07:27:37 EST 2007

Yeah, these concerns crop up after every contest. Personally, I would think
that if you are legally allowed to transmit on a frequency, and it isn't in
use at the time, go for it.

Why is there always this concern about holding frequencies or blocks of
spectrum for certain purposes? It's obvious that, with increased numbers in
the hobby, this is becoming less and less possible. In fact, it is important
that the spectrum be utilized as much as possible. If all these special
interest groups, nets, dx window proponents, particular mode operators, etc,
had their way, most of the spectrum would lay fallow until they alone were
prepared to operate there. You go with that philosophy and pretty soon the
commercial interests will have you squeezed out.

73 -- Paul VO1HE  

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> It wasn't that long ago that some folks complained about CW 
> above 1843, was it?
> Bob, N7XY
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