[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Mon Feb 26 14:44:57 EST 2007

Here's a novel idea...

All the squabbling revolving around team selection would be put to rest if a sign-up roster were posted and the first 50 teams posting their (non-refundable) airfare and lodging expenses to a WRTC PayPal account would comprise the field of players.

So you think you have the guts, skill, talent, resources, energy, hutspa to participate in WRTC? Go for it! This would put all of the propogationally challenged and aluminum deficient players on equal ground.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN


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The problem is the most of the contests used for scoring are DX contests , which the New England
area has a great advantage over everyone. I think the W4 area - at least where I am is more equal to
W5 than it is W1-W3. Even NM can't be that bad of a place. Look how well N2IC does in DX contests.


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> The PY WRTC organizers had it almost right, but the divisions in the US (and probably Canada as well) should be more north and south rather than east and west. For WRTC 2004 the "Central US" went all the way from N2IC in SW NM to N8II near Washington DC. That's not right. How about four USA divisions; the four standard time zones: EST, CST, MST, and PST. That would be more fair, and stations would be competing with a more peer-like group. There is no way to make it level for everyone, and there will be N vs S arguments, but that would be better than it was the last time. The southern US portion of the EST area might not get Europe like New England (who does!) but you would have the advantage in events like NAQP and SS over them. That seems like the best compromise to me. 
> Jim George N3BB/5
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> >Rich..
> >
> >Can you propose something better ?  If they do the team selection the same 
> >way they did for Brazil the east coast team will probably consist of entries 
> >totally from New England.  K4BAI and I just lucked out to go to Brazil 
> >because some guys had to drop out and some others didn't bother to apply...
> >
> >I would love to go to Russia as a competitor but the odds of everything 
> >falling into place like it did for Brazil would be pretty slim.
> >I might still go as a spectator because WRTC is more that the competition.
> >
> >Jeff KU8E
> >
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> >
> >
> >> Gawd....Here goes again.  So, W4s in Virginia are equal to W5s in New 
> >> Mexico???
> >>
> >> I'm not seeing that one.
> >>
> >> 73 Rich NN3W
> >>
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> >>
> >>> Team allocations.
> >>> There will be team allocatons by Continents and Areas. All continents
> >>> will have number of seats. Both US and Europe will be splitted by 3
> >>> ares as it was previously done with some changes in splitting Europe.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Harry,
> >>>
> >>> I hope the commitee might consider splitting the USA into more that three 
> >>> areas. It is not really fair to put
> >>> W4 with the W1/W2/W3 call areas since the propagation is nowhere as good 
> >>> from W4 then it is in W1-W3.
> >>> Maybe consider four regions for the USA :
> >>>
> >>> W1/W2/W3
> >>> W4/W5
> >>> W6/W7
> >>> W8/W9/W0
> >>>
> >>> I also think the USA is deserving of more teams since we are the country 
> >>> with the most entries in just about every international
> >>> contest.
> >>>
> >>> Jeff KU8E

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