[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Tibi Tebeica (YO9GZU) yo9gzu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 02:17:03 EST 2007

do you feel disadvantaged in your area? then go ahead for a DX-pedition in
an exotic DX location and put in a big score! you will compete with it
against the fellows that always win from home because of their geographic

73 Tibi YO9GZU

On 2/27/07, Matt IZ3EYZ <iz3eyz at virgilio.it> wrote:
> Here we go again!
> It's quite clear there are differences into US areas. WRTC 2006 mailing
> list
> is full of such complaints.
> It seems to me your discussion will never reach a proper solution. As well
> it will never please everybody.
> If your aim is to reach the "perfect criteria" you will simply never get
> it.
> Geographical advantages given by propagation are just one of the "odds".
> If you want to accurately take into account all of them you should
> analyze:
> a)strategic advantages (given to certain locations by contest rules)
> b)contest setup (do you pretend to run stacks and HP and compete against
> your fellow with a tribander at 60ft and a KW?)
> c)local physical advantages (image you contesting from an hilltop QTH and
> your fellow, few miles away, contesting from a poorly flat location...ask
> him if it's fair?)
> d)hidden secrets-cheating (do not forget you 're submitting your contest
> scores-disclaimer: I'm not accusing anyone-just thinking about it!)
> Then, once you analyzed them all, you want to select the best ops, right?
> Are you sure you can still find out and select "N" ops who will be
> attending
> at WRTC just because of their operating skills?
> It seems to me the variables of your contest scores/results will be
> determined by the influence of the above (and others) issues.
> Of course, your operating skills are playing a role in it. I said "a" role
> not "the" role :-)
> Thus, as WRTC 2010 is gonna be another "submitting your contest scores"
> selection, you will have to deal with the above issues.
> Even if you solve the propagation differences between Brooklyn and
> Manhattan
> I guess you won't please everybody neither you 'll have those with the
> best
> operating skills at WRTC 2010.
> Skills, a good station, propagation and strategic advantages and a bit of
> luck are the keys you will probably need.
> If you want the "perfect criteria" you need some local (national or
> regional) and then continental trials. These trials should be a sort of
> "mini" WRTCs.
> Thus, you will improve things a bit.
> Last but not the least: if you wish you can. If WRTC is your main point of
> life and you can't live without it I 'm sure you will do everything to be
> there.
> 73
> Matt.EYZ
> PS. Please remember the world doesn't end in the US. We had to deal with
> F,
> G, EA, CT, CU at WRTC 2006 selection process and nobody blamed.
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