[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Matt IZ3EYZ iz3eyz at virgilio.it
Mon Feb 26 20:30:22 EST 2007

Here we go again!

It's quite clear there are differences into US areas. WRTC 2006 mailing list
is full of such complaints.

It seems to me your discussion will never reach a proper solution. As well
it will never please everybody.
If your aim is to reach the "perfect criteria" you will simply never get it.
Geographical advantages given by propagation are just one of the "odds".
If you want to accurately take into account all of them you should analyze:
a)strategic advantages (given to certain locations by contest rules)
b)contest setup (do you pretend to run stacks and HP and compete against
your fellow with a tribander at 60ft and a KW?)
c)local physical advantages (image you contesting from an hilltop QTH and
your fellow, few miles away, contesting from a poorly flat location...ask
him if it's fair?)
d)hidden secrets-cheating (do not forget you 're submitting your contest
scores-disclaimer: I'm not accusing anyone-just thinking about it!)

Then, once you analyzed them all, you want to select the best ops, right?

Are you sure you can still find out and select "N" ops who will be attending
at WRTC just because of their operating skills?

It seems to me the variables of your contest scores/results will be
determined by the influence of the above (and others) issues.
Of course, your operating skills are playing a role in it. I said "a" role
not "the" role :-)

Thus, as WRTC 2010 is gonna be another "submitting your contest scores"
selection, you will have to deal with the above issues.
Even if you solve the propagation differences between Brooklyn and Manhattan
I guess you won't please everybody neither you 'll have those with the best
operating skills at WRTC 2010.

Skills, a good station, propagation and strategic advantages and a bit of
luck are the keys you will probably need.

If you want the "perfect criteria" you need some local (national or
regional) and then continental trials. These trials should be a sort of
"mini" WRTCs.
Thus, you will improve things a bit.

Last but not the least: if you wish you can. If WRTC is your main point of
life and you can't live without it I 'm sure you will do everything to be



PS. Please remember the world doesn't end in the US. We had to deal with F,
G, EA, CT, CU at WRTC 2006 selection process and nobody blamed.

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