[CQ-Contest] N6ZZ - SK

Richard J. Norton richardjnorton at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 13:22:05 EST 2007

Since Phil and I were best friends, this is of course very unwelcome
news. We started operating together at W6RW's in 1965, when Phil moved
to Los Angeles from Wisconsin. We operated 23 CQWW Phone Contests as
well as other contests together.

I saw Phil last a little over two weeks ago, when he was out here
in California assisting his son, who was undergoing a medical operation.

We talked regularly. We last spoke a few days ago. Ironically, it was
about the recent passing of of some of our expedition hosts, I7RIZ
(IR7G) and SU1ER.

Phil was only 64, and was conscious of the need to tend to his health.
He considered racquetball as being a part of that program. Phil's
father retired, then drove from Wisconsin to California to visit Phil,
and died in Arizona on the way back home. At least by retiring early,
Phil enjoyed a number of years of retirement.

Phil did a lot of work on CQWW log checking. I'll of course miss that
assistance. Phil did a considerable amount of work arranging our CQWW
trips. I'll miss that. I conversed often with Phil, something else
that I will miss. . Now there is nobody else to give 40-zone talks.
Overall, I'll miss the guy.



Dick Norton, N6AA

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