[CQ-Contest] N6ZZ SK

KL7RA kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Wed Feb 28 13:13:10 EST 2007

Very bad news to see Tree's posting this morning.

I considered Phil a very good friend although I never operated 
with him as many of you have. He operated from another zone 
one station for his Operated From All Zones quest but plans
were made to use mine here on the Kenai when he did it a 
second time. 

Long discussions with Phil at Dayton every year and received 
e-mail from him now and then, usually with a one-liner comment
to something dumb I had said.

Even when he was busy running rate from some rare station he
always called me by name to say hello. I will miss him. He was
an example to the rest of us that radio contesting can be a friendly

73 Rich KL7RA

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