[CQ-Contest] Amplified headphones

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Jan 3 00:32:09 EST 2007

Hi All

A few months ago (right after SS SSB) I posted a query about amplified 
headphones for people (me) wearing hearing aids.  It seemed it was just 
getting harder and harder to copy those callsigns.  I got lots of good 
answers and some good suggestions.  Also found that there are a lot of 
people out there besides me wearing them.

The problem with the Heil headset I have was that when I put them on, the 
hearing aids would squeal, or not be loud enough.  Gets very frustrating.

Well, this Christmas my sweet wife bought me a pair of Radio Shack 900 Mhz 
cordless headphones, and boy, they have opened a new world of contesting.  I 
can use them with or without the hearing aids on by turning the headphones 
up or down.   It really makes hearing those weak signals a whole bunch 
easier.  You can also take a potty break and still keep an eye on your run 
frequency :-)  If you have a hearing problem, this could really make things 
a lot better.  73 and HNY!

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