[CQ-Contest] Zero Beating

Tom McAlee tom at klient.com
Fri Jun 1 00:48:42 EDT 2007

I noticed that as well.  Not surprisingly, I noticed that it coincided with 
spots that were off.  If someone spotted us 200Hz off, it was a safe bet 
that many of the next callers would be 200Hz off.  They just click-and-shoot 
in their logging software without zero-beating.

I think this is partially because of the rounding done when sending spots. 
For example, if your TX frequency is 14035.19 and you have CT send a spot, 
it will send it as 14035.1.  Taking that into account with the fact that 
S&Pers could easily be off 100Hz on their own, those 300Hz filters are just 
too narrow sometimes.

The casual ops often don't have those kind of filters or the ability to 
distinguish 100Hz in frequency.  And, we need to work them at lot more than 
they need to work us!

Tom, NI1N  (M/2 during WPX as KD4D at N3HBX)

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>I noticed in the WPX CW test that a fair number of stations were way off my
> xmit frequency.  This is the first time I recall making a mental note of
> this occurring in a contest.  I had my skirts set at 300 and then 500. 
> Some
> were off enough that I thought it was adjacent QRM till I tuned to them 
> and
> found they were calling me.
> I understand the benefits of not being zero beat to differentiate yourself
> from the pack.  Is this a case of poor operating, forgetting about your 
> rit
> or all of the above?
> Anyone else notice this?
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