[CQ-Contest] Zero Beating

Gilles RENUCCI ve2tzt at arrl.net
Fri Jun 1 00:14:41 EDT 2007

Same thing for me.

I use a 250 Hz filter and sometimes I need to switch on the 500 Hz one to
listen the station calling me, listening by the way the adjacent running
The funniest is went a station on my run frequency seems to answer to me,
but in fact answers to the lower adjacent station, and the next moment
answers to me being on the frequency of the upper adjacent station...
One must understand that most S&P-only participants have only 500 Hz filters
or sometimes 2.5kHz.and it is not obvious for everybody to hear the
difference between a 800 Hz and a 1000 Hz tone.
By the way, I suspect that some running stations have only 500 Hz filters
and it is the reason why sometime, a guy ask me to QSY or send me QRL while
I do hear a free frequency and my transmitter is click free.

Gilles, VE2TZT

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> I noticed in the WPX CW test that a fair number of stations were way off
> xmit frequency.  This is the first time I recall making a mental note of
> this occurring in a contest.  I had my skirts set at 300 and then 500.
> were off enough that I thought it was adjacent QRM till I tuned to them
> found they were calling me.
> I understand the benefits of not being zero beat to differentiate yourself
> from the pack.  Is this a case of poor operating, forgetting about your
> or all of the above?
> Anyone else notice this?
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