[CQ-Contest] cut #'s

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Jun 6 13:02:32 EDT 2007

Hi Shelby

You are right on there.

I think sometimes op's have their CW (computer) speed set real slow even if 
they can copy much faster.  I have never figured out why in the heck if I am 
sending at 35, someone answers at 15, even if they can copy the exchange 
alright at 35.  Probably 95% of the time if I send it at 35, they get it 
right the first time (except for SS or some contest where you actually have 
to send something relevant).  "5NN OR" is not all that hard to copy.

I'm not knocking slow speed op's--I love 'em.  I'd like to see a lot more of 
them participating in the contests.  W9RE is heading up a slow speed Sprint 
on Thursday nights at 0200 .  Listen up around 14.040.  If I am going too 
fast, and you can't copy, TELL ME TO SLOW DOWN.  But if you copy 35, answer 
at 35 :-)

If I hear someone calling CQ at 15, I'll slow down to 15 to answer them.  I 
think that is only fair.

But, as far as cut #'s, I don't like and never send them except for "N"  and 
sometimes "O."  73

Shelby wrote:

> Steve Harrison wrote: "SLOW DOWN to the speed at which they call you 
> (unless  you absolutely KNOW the other op can copy at your hyper-speed). 
> That's mere courtesy but can also save you having to repeat your exchange 
> several times."
> I believe that applies much more to the "hyper speed" operators that call 
> someone (me) sending much slower? If/when I answer a "hyper speed" 
> operator, I will have listened to them enough, to know the exchange, 
> without a repeat,  and I expect them to reciprocate?
> C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW

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