[CQ-Contest] cut #'s

Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Wed Jun 6 19:44:33 EDT 2007

At 10:02 AM 6/6/2007 -0700, Tom Osborne wrote:
>I think sometimes op's have their CW (computer) speed set real slow even if 
>they can copy much faster.

The slow-responders that I've noticed have definitely NOT been using
computer-generated CW; they were sending by hand. That being the case.......

>But if you copy 35, answer at 35 :-)

May I suggest that perhaps, those who can copy faster, but send way slower,
are doing so because they CAN'T legibly send faster?? Those of we who were
in the PVRC Reunion last weekend probly rember several guys who had real
problems with their computer-sending, and wound up resorting to keyer. And
I recall two of those were probably even worse with their keyer than their
RFI-bothered computer probly would have been  ;o(((((((((((

>But, as far as cut #'s, I don't like and never send them except for "N"  and 
>sometimes "O."  73

N and T have been very common for decades. Perhaps the first two that
became fairly common among Norte Americanos were N and O, however. We used
those quite often back in the days of lotsa CW traffic-handling on the west

Steve, K0XP

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