[CQ-Contest] remember this? Russian Woodpecker

KL7RA kl7ra at ptialaska.net
Sun Jun 10 22:32:47 EDT 2007

>I can remember when people used to say they pointed their antennas towards 
>the site and send a bunch of dits on their keyer and stopped it.  I think 
>that would be a little hard to believe.  73
>Tom W7WHY

Beyond all reasonably doubt you could get the Woodpecker to freq 

Often in the mornings in Fairbanks on 15 meters the UA0 radar would
be 50 over. It was easy to find the main bang. Running full gas into a 4 
stack of yagis I would send a string of dits, or call the H5 if you have 
legal issues, and it would zip away up or down the band. You could 
play this game for a long time until it would escape my harassment 
and move out of the band where it would pound away on the same 

I assumed the radar's freq uplink didn't have operator intervention as 
it would change freqs in just a few dits and I was only messing with a 
data quality algorithm in the software but it was payback for all the DX 
I worked with that constant racket in the background. 

One afternoon I was tuning around and realized I hadn't heard the beast 
in a long time. I assumed they had ran out of money or their antenna fell 
down in a Siberia wind/ice storm. Also note the UA0's that are very loud 
to us also complained, except for the ones that worked at the OHR facility.

73 Rich KL7RA    

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