[CQ-Contest] remember this? Russian Woodpecker

RW4WZ rw4wz at udm.net
Sat Jun 16 06:26:56 EDT 2007

> hop.
> Often in the mornings in Fairbanks on 15 meters the UA0 radar would
> be 50 over. It was easy to find the main bang. Running full gas into a 4
> stack of yagis I would send a string of dits, or call the H5 if you have
> legal issues, and it would zip away up or down the band. You could
> play this game for a long time until it would escape my harassment
> and move out of the band where it would pound away on the same
> freq.
> I assumed the radar's freq uplink didn't have operator intervention as
> it would change freqs in just a few dits and I was only messing with a
> data quality algorithm in the software but it was payback for all the DX
> I worked with that constant racket in the background.
> One afternoon I was tuning around and realized I hadn't heard the beast
> in a long time. I assumed they had ran out of money or their
> antenna fell
> down in a Siberia wind/ice storm. Also note the UA0's that are very loud
> to us also complained, except for the ones that worked at the
> OHR facility.
> 73 Rich KL7RA

Now we have chance to look at this radar:






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