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Mon Jun 11 02:02:09 EDT 2007


HAVE YOU DREAMT about being out in the country and building the super 
station of your dreams?

HERE'S your chance!!

Joe Rudi, NK7U is moving this summer. He has built a world class MM station 
and home
in Baker Oregon, and has decided to try and find a contester/dxer to buy 
the station intact rather than
taking it all apart and dispersing it.

Here are the details..

20 acres
4500+ sq foot custom house. brick. fantastic views.
house assessed at $650,000. (this same home in Seattle, Portland, LA, or SF 
region would be priced in the millions)
Long sloping shot to EU.

Antenna system: 7 towers loaded with great antennas.
qrv 160 thru 6
stacked 40 m beams
80 meter beam
EU stacks. JA stacks.
many antennas.
many stacks.
mostly hardline or LMR 400.


Price will be based on value of the antennas and towers only. Years of 
labor that were
used to build this station are a throw in.

see  www.nk7u.com  for details of the station.

There's someone out there looking for a SUPER STATION.. here it is!


contact  JOE RUDI,     nk7u at nk7u.com

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