[CQ-Contest] IARU HF Champinship 2006 Results - comedy

Robert Bajuk s57aw at hamradio.si
Mon Jun 11 17:41:39 EDT 2007

Sorry, but I'm not smart enough and that really passes my comprehension.

Can someone betray a secret how can HA stations win most of the QRP and 
Low Power categories in IARU HF every year with such a miraculous scores.

It is not peace of cake to have i.e. over 1700 QSO in single mode QRP! 
or nearly 2500 QSO in single mode Low Power cat. in 24 hours contest. It 
must be a magic when the winner has more than three times higher score 
in  the same category than all the others in the neighborhood.

Same story every year...

Looking at the results of that contest really makes me laugh.

I fear that those results makes this nice contest less and less serious.

Only my 2 cents

73 Robert, S57AW

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