[CQ-Contest] Fw Bananas

ALANNOTTAGE at aol.com ALANNOTTAGE at aol.com
Wed Jun 13 04:03:32 EDT 2007

In an earlier message N6TJ wrote:

> So if one banana provides a 90-minute energy boost...
This will depend on it's ripeness, as the GI value changes as it gets riper 
(and hence sweeter).  A K6VVA spec (greenish) one will provide energy in a more 
evenly distributed form (i.e over a longer period) without the 'boost' 

If want to speed up ripening on the other hand, you could always place it 
next to the warm air exhaust of your 3-500Z amp.  It may have anti-parasitic 
properties too, which could of course suppress unwanted oscillation and hence 
minimise the risk of flashover, but that's a whole other area :>)

Al G0XBV   

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