[CQ-Contest] QST contesting issue idea

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 10:16:51 EDT 2007

There's nothing wrong with the fundamental concepts behind the IARU HF World 
Championship - 24 hours, both non-digital modes, points for working everyone, 
zone multipliers per band. However, it's what you call "semi-political stuff" 
that makes the current IARU contest so bad for the image of all contesters. It's 
hard enough convincing non-contesters and fledging contesters that cheating 
isn't rampant in contesting, without having a contest, with such a grandioso 
name, where cheating is at best ignored, and at worst condoned.

Bob, as an important player on the CQWW Contest Committee, you and the committee 
would never tolerate any kind of cheating in CQWW, so how can you personally 
ignore it in another major contest ?

By the way, there's another contest will all the positive attributes of IARU, 
but without the cheating - the Russian DX Contest. Unfortunately, this contest 
just hasn't caught on outside of Russia and Europe.

Steve, N2IC

Robert Naumann wrote:
> Steve,
> I agree with your summary of the issues surrounding the IARU test, but aside
> from the top level competitors, and those "in the know", most of the
> participants don't care about that "semi-political" stuff.
> Just getting on the air and operating is actually enough for many (probably
> most) contest participants.
> I think that if you ignore the BS that is going on in certain areas of that
> contest, it is an attractive contest to get new people involved in. 
> One, is that you can work anyone. So, good conditions are not necessarily a
> pre-req to making qsos.
> Two, is that it is only 24 hours. Not too much of a commitment for anyone -
> especially if you have a team of operators.
> Three, is that you can work both modes. That is a unique thing that could
> attract fans of code or fone.
> Just trying to be positive :-)
> 73,
> Bob W5OV

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