[CQ-Contest] QST contesting issue idea

Mark Perrin mperrin at ordata.com
Sat Jun 16 09:45:42 EDT 2007

Agree with Bob, IARU been a good way to get new participants out here.

What ARRL does or does not do, is not a barrier to enjoying the hobby.

73 from Pacific Northwest,

Mark N7MQ

At 06:58 AM 6/16/2007 -0500, Robert Naumann wrote:
>I agree with your summary of the issues surrounding the IARU test, but aside
>from the top level competitors, and those "in the know", most of the
>participants don't care about that "semi-political" stuff.
>Just getting on the air and operating is actually enough for many (probably
>most) contest participants.
>I think that if you ignore the BS that is going on in certain areas of that
>contest, it is an attractive contest to get new people involved in.
>One, is that you can work anyone. So, good conditions are not necessarily a
>pre-req to making qsos.
>Two, is that it is only 24 hours. Not too much of a commitment for anyone -
>especially if you have a team of operators.
>Three, is that you can work both modes. That is a unique thing that could
>attract fans of code or fone.
>Just trying to be positive :-)
>Bob W5OV

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