[CQ-Contest] A call to action

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Sun Jun 17 11:05:33 EDT 2007

Hi Bill et al

The participation in the last few RTTY contests has increased dramatically. 
I have worked a whole bunch of new 2 x 3 callsigns that have never been on 
before.  This seems to say that the some of the newcomers are definately 
getting interested in contesting, specially in the digital modes.   It is 
encouraging to see all this new blood joining in on the fun.

I don't know much about the SSB contests as I don't do those very often, but 
if the new RTTY op's get into CW, that will be a very good thing.  73

> If we encourage people to participate in contests, then that's more 
> incentive for them to get involved with CW contests. The barrier to  entry 
> for CW contests is very high. Phone is much more accessible,  and RTTY 
> isn't too difficult, either.

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