[CQ-Contest] Contest CQ format?

Alan Leith aleith at syd.eastlink.ca
Sun Jun 17 11:28:55 EDT 2007

Somewhat distressing and frustrating, I have found in recent contests that
many Europeans call their CQs in this format on CW:  DD9DD DD9DD TEST AA
(using this station as an example and All Asia at the test).  As I tune by
the frequency, I am waiting for more, like the call at the end of the CQ.
Unless I have it backward :>).

I realize it isn't much, but it is, to me, a strange departure from a simple
and effective format.

And speaking of formats, I have been giving full signal reports, albeit 599
for the simplicity, and the full number of my age in AA CW this weekend.
Conditions this far north are pretty bad (I've made only 44 QSOs on 20M) but
have been asked for a repeat only 2-3 times.



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