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Steve Harrison k0xp at dandy.net
Mon Jun 18 20:21:17 EDT 2007

At 04:31 PM 6/18/2007 -0400, hank  k8dd wrote:
>And ..... RTTY ops generally (notice I said generally, not always or
>usually) don't listen aurally to a frequency - it's kinda like they
>don't see much on their little display and they just plop their little
>alternating frequencies that are 170 Hz apart and start calling.

For sure.

And then during a contest, there's a bunch of them calling what must be a
CQer and they smear all around the CQer, taking up lots more than just 170 Hz.

>Kinda frustrating when they get down below 7030, but then that's when
>it's time to go to 30, 18, or 12 meters!

During a contest, you can't. During the last few "major-type" contests,
European CW has been up as high as 7050, right in the middle of Rattiers
who were also working some contest. I'm sure that's because there must be
one heck of a lot more Europeans working some of those contests than North
Americans, and so we're not nearly as squished as they are so we don't
usually go much above 7030, except while S&Ping for the Europeans that do
go higher.

Ratty and CW just don't mix on 40 or 20 during contests.

Steve, K0XP

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