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Bill Turner dezrat at copper.net
Mon Jun 18 22:40:47 EDT 2007


On Tue, 19 Jun 2007 00:21:17 +0000, Steve Harrison <k0xp at dandy.net>

>And then during a contest, there's a bunch of them calling what must be a
>CQer and they smear all around the CQer, taking up lots more than just 170 Hz.

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More nonsense. 

If the S&P stations "smear all around the CQer" as you say, they will
soon find they are not getting many responses. Most contesters use
tight filters, with 250 Hz being preferred by most. In my experience,
99% of the S&P stations are within about 50 Hz of the CQing station
and it's been that way forever. Most of them are even closer.

I would hazard a guess that RTTY'ers, due to the use of tuning
indicators, are on average, closer together than CW stations. That's
just a guess, I have no data to prove it but it stands to reason.

With the typical crossed-ellipse tuning indicator, it is easy to get
within +/- 10 Hz of each other.  

Bill W6WRT

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