[CQ-Contest] The Fat Lady Sings at 2359Z

Thu Jun 21 17:08:29 EDT 2007

I think that I am in the minority, although this conversation has been very
enlightening. At the end of the contest I have Writelog make my adi file and
I am through. My life is way to short to fool round with massaging my log. I
probably won't win anyway. Most of the guys that win have better equipment,
and are better operators than I am. The fun was the contest and I have at
least as much fun as anyone!

I moved to computerized logging years ago with my Commodore 64 because I
wanted to have the fun without all those dupe sheets. My handwriting is
awful so the log print out is perfect for me. (I always remembered that
KH6IJ got disqualified because his logs were illegible.)I was disappointed
to find that we were going to start publishing accuracy percentages because
I knew that this would encourage some folks to go to all sorts of lengths to
improve their accuracy rating. I have even decided occasionally to not enter
my score for fear that it might cost some other poor guy some points.

I have decided that I need to be satisfied with what I do and not worry
about others. Frankly, it is ok with me if you do as I do, give yourself 30
minutes to fix your logs or spend a month. As long as you can live with
yourself, no is going to know anyway.

Bill, W5VX

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>Not many share your definition of:
>"The casual contester (my definition) will find "yeah, but..." loopholes.
>The contesting purist (my definition) will "put the pencil down" because
>"the test is over."  It is up to the individual participant to decide
>which definition applies to them, since there is no distinction in the
>This is simply a matter of honor (like keeping the score in a casual round
>of golf)."
>Including WRTC which gives the "casual" contester there, 15 mins to make
>any log changes and turn in their log.
>Personally, I only make changes from side notes that I make during the
>contest but I make those changes a day or two later when I have had some
>I would be interested to hear what other 40+ hour contesters do.
>Ed N1UR
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