[CQ-Contest] The Fat Lady Sings at 2359Z

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Personally, if I believe my logger program has made a mistake, I  believe I
should be allowed to correct that mistake before submitting my  log.

I agree.
 How many of us, back in the days of paper logs, made sure the entries  were 
legible?? I did, because my handwriting, especially in heat of the battle,  
was poor at best. And my typing skills are not much better.  And to be  honest, 
I still give my computer logs a once over for obvious typos, such as  J70J, 
compared to J7OJ.  Have any of you spent time going thru paper logs  and 
removing dupes after 2359?? 
There is a difference, in my opinion, of checking calls and reports after  
the contest, against databases, or even online 3830 score reports. THAT would be 
 unethical, no doubt. But, running thru the log and checking for obvious 
typo's?  No so much.
73-Chuck KI9A

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