[CQ-Contest] CQWW logs open to the public

José Nunes CT1BOH ct1boh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 09:52:35 EDT 2007

Today is a great day for contesting!

All CQWW logs are available to the public under "2006 UBN/NIL Reports" in
CQWW web site here http://www.cqww.com/ssblogs.htm

When I started doing contesting back in the late 80's, I had no one to talk
to in Portugal - Portuguese contesters were a mirage. I was very luck to
personally get in touch with N6TJ and later with N6AA and OH2MM on their way
to D44BC, 9Q5NW and FY5YE/EA8EA , who were at the very top of the game.

Sharing stories, hearing them on the air, listening to their tapes, but
particularly having access to their logs, played a very important role in my
lonely learning process.

I always had this thing about how other guys operate. I use to say I learned
Contesting with no one, because I had no Elmer's, and with everyone, because
I analysed and still do so many of my fellow contesters.

Back then a newcomer had to pray for the generosity of a fellow contester to
peak into their logs.

Not anymore, now all logs are open, and this will have a great impact in at
least two areas, I find very important:


The very strategy of a competitor will be available through the analysis of
the logs.

Delta analysis will enable anyone to compare his effort with his fellow,
where he did better, where he did worse, how he can improve. It's an
incredible insight of how to do it. This will be great because it will give
an extra boost for newcomers to play and understand there is a more
sophisticated game to play, and for the top guns to evolve into a new and
better level or get caught.


Many times we hear people doubting a particular contesting effort. Well now
everything will be in the open.
In a nut shell - The good guys will have nothing to fear. The bad guys will
have everything to fear knowing everybody will have a look on what they did
and how they did it.

Today is indeed a great day for contesting!


José Nunes

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José Nunes
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