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I assume you just shout directly into the feedpoint of your antenna?

At 10:25 AM 6/26/2007, Paul O'Kane wrote:
>I hold it to be self-evident that not all QSOs are
>created equal, and that they are devalued to the
>extent that there is a substitute for RF in the
>path between the operators.
>For example:
>  1. Skype QSOs have zero value.
>  2. EchoLink QSOs have almost zero value.
>  3. Remote Control QSOs will sometimes, but not
>     always, have more value than EchoLink QSOs.
>  4. "Ordinary" QSOs have full value.
>If a QSO depends upon wired circuits, outside
>the 500 meters permitted for contest entries,
>then it is a wired QSO rather than an RF QSO.
>If you argue that an RF QSO is taking place
>between the equipment concerned, then, to be
>consistent, any corresponding QSLs or awards
>should be addressed to the equipment rather
>than the operator.
>I suggest that anyone who believes otherwise
>is deluded.  Of course, I could be wrong.
>Paul EI5DI
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