Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Thu Jun 28 20:37:03 EDT 2007

> Perhaps you should imagine long cords on your key, mic and headphones so
> that you can sit way back - maybe 25 feet from the radio. I want to sit
> about 25 miles back from my radio. Why is that a problem? The radio is 
> still
> where I am saying it is, my antennas are still there, and whoever I have a
> QSO with will interact with me in much the same way as if I was sitting 25
> inches from the radio instead of 25 miles. What is the difference that 
> gets
> you so wound up about this?

I could not have asked this better.  Paul: I'm with Bob - I wonder what 
you're saying is different about the difference between 25 inches, 25 feet, 
25 miles, etc.

Mark, N5OT 

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