Robert Naumann w5ov at w5ov.com
Thu Jun 28 20:08:08 EDT 2007


I disagree with you totally, but I wanted to point out a couple of things in
your last note that cause me to think that you may not have thought out what
you are asserting:

"How then can we expect others to take us seriously when we substitute RF
with the internet." 

The RF is still there, it's just that the operator is not co-located with
the transmitter and receiver. Where is the substitution?

" I could even work myself :-)"

Uh, no you couldn't. A remote station does not include another local station
where the operator is physically located. In contests you should have to
choose one or the other. You are operating from the remote site wherever
that is. If your station is in Dublin, and you operate it from Galway, you
would still be transmitting from Dublin just the same as if you were sitting
in Dublin - so, what's the difference?

Most remote stations are being set up by people like myself who live in an
area that bans the installation of antennas for transmitting purposes. I
cannot work anyone from here - not even myself if I had a remote station
somewhere else.

"For contesting and award chasing, you have to "be there". Didn't someone
named Don Miller run into a little problem in this respect?"

Well, let's face it, he was pretending to be somewhere, and in the case of a
remote station, you have to build a station "there" in order for you to
operate it remotely. So, no one is suggesting that you put up a remote
station in one country and then operate it remotely claiming to be in
another country - are they?

Perhaps you should imagine long cords on your key, mic and headphones so
that you can sit way back - maybe 25 feet from the radio. I want to sit
about 25 miles back from my radio. Why is that a problem? The radio is still
where I am saying it is, my antennas are still there, and whoever I have a
QSO with will interact with me in much the same way as if I was sitting 25
inches from the radio instead of 25 miles. What is the difference that gets
you so wound up about this?


Bob W5OV

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