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Thu Jun 28 17:51:50 EDT 2007

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From: "Zoli Pitman HA1AG" <ha1ag at hg6n.hu>
> Remote operation is already a reality, we just have to learn to take 
> most benefits out of it and how to incorporate it into our technology 
> and traditions. It will stay just as packet stayed.

I agree remote control is a reality.  All I'm trying to
do is put down a marker for controlling and regulating
it for the purposes of contesting and award chasing.

I maintain, and I know the remote-control enthusiasts
may disagree, that a QSO is a person-to-person entity,
as are telephone or VOIP calls.  Further, the only
thing that distinguishes an amateur radio QSO from
other "QSOs" is that we use RF all the way - nothing
else makes sense.

Inexpensive person-to-person, world-wide communications
used to be an exclusive benefit of being a radio amateur.
Now it's available to anyone.  How then can we expect
others to take us seriously when we substitute RF with
the internet.

The only benefit I see from remote control is the fun
element.  Of course I'd enjoy being at the sharp end
of a pileup in the Indian Ocean while sitting at home.
Saves a lot of time and money.  That's fine for my own
selfish enjoyment, but the dogs in the street can see
it's not kosher.  I could even work myself :-)

For contesting and award chasing, you have to "be there".
Didn't someone named Don Miller run into a little problem
in this respect?

Paul EI5DI

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